Oregon RFID's long range and proximity readers can display tag identifiers in three formats.



The two numbers are the manufacturer code and the ID number.  Our tags use a unique number range assigned by ICAR to prevent duplication.



These are the raw bytes sent by the tag where each hex digit (0-9, A-F) represents 4 bits.  The two numbers in the decimal format are sub-fields where the manufacturer code is from bits 17-26 and the ID number is from bits 27-64.



A hybrid notation used in the Columbia River Basin where the two numbers from decimal format are displayed as two hexadecimal numbers.  The digits after the period in bi-hex are the same as the last 9 hex digits of hexadecimal.

On our long range readers (HDX and FDX/HDX) the command to set the display format is "TF" followed by D, H or B.

The Datatracer display format can be changed with the menu path: "Configuration -> EIC/CIC Format -> EIC Format".  If your reader doesn't have these formats you will need to update the firmware.

The Easytracer has a red icon on the top right corner of the screen to select from a list of formats.

The technical details explaining how the raw data is converted to these display formats is in the attached PDF.