A Bluetooth serial adapter can be used to connect with the reader from a Bluetooth-equipped Meazura PDA or laptop.

The Meazura is paired with the adapter by selecting the Info application and Bluetooth from the menu in the upper right corner of the screen.  Add the new device after selecting it in the list presented and enter the pairing code of 1234 when asked.  Once paired, start PTLogger and check the Bluetooth checkbox on the Setup screen.

A Bluetooth-enabled laptop can also be used to connect by pairing with the adapter and then using a terminal program such as Hyperterminal or Putty to use the command line interface to the reader.

After pairing, Windows will assign a COM port number that can be chosen in Hyperterminal or Putty.

MacOS will assign it a Unix-style device name.  Use the OSX Terminal command /ls/dev/tty.* to see what the device is called.  The screen command can be used as a terminal emulator "screen /dev/tty.xxx 57600".